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We are the wholesale company for lingerie, home textiles, sportswear and hosiery for women, males and children since 1994

Company Facts

  • 1994

    Ömer Aydemir founded the company Aydemir Textil in 1991 in Apolda as a wholesaler for underwear, home textiles, sportswear and hosiery.

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    6000 m²

    With the move to Niederroßla in the Weimarer Land in 1997, the team has about 6000 m² of office and storage space available on the new company premises.

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    400 Items

    Aydemir Textil offers around 400 different textile products from its own development. In line with current market developments, the product range is continuously adapted. The company is successful on the market both in Germany and in other European countries.

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    20 Employees

    About 20 employees work daily at the Thuringia site for customers from the textile wholesale trade. Its customers mainly include wholesalers, textile chain stores, discounters, various retail chains and specialist shops.

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    5 Countries

    In addition to the team at the Thuringian location, employees in 5 international offices ensure reliability and quality standards.

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    5 Own brands

    Aydemir Textil has so far successfully established 5 own brands on the market in the areas of clothing, hosiery, underwear and home textiles.